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Welcome to the premier suppliers for all  Nails series in Kenya and East Africa . This company will  offer you a comprehensive range of Nails series in Kenya, as well as a variety of related products and services.Since its founding in 2007, the company has made it a mission to deliver quality nail products with outstanding service.

All our nails brands;  Clout Nails 1'' & 1 1/2", Panel Pin 1'' & 1 1/2", Furniture Polished Nails 1" to 4", Roofing Nails 2.5", Shoe Tack 1/2" , 3/4" , 5/8", Concrete Steel Nails 1" - 4", U Nails 1'' & 1 1/2", Roofing Screw & Nut 1/4 x 1'' - 4", MDF Screw 4x30 , 4x40 , 4x50.

Come to Kifaru Enterprises Limited for all kinds of Nail series  manufactured by the highest-quality nails manufacturers  in the industry. The company's extensive catalog demonstrates a wide breadth of products. Kifaru's passion for quality service demonstrates quick and economical delivery for a consistent customer service experience every time. Contact Kifaru today to learn more!


The following are the nails series we supply

Clout Nails 1" & 1 1/2"

Common Nails

Concrete Steel Nails

Furniture Polished Nails 1" to 4"

MDF Screws 4x30, 4x40, 4x50

Roofing Nails 2.5"

U Nails

Shoe Teck 1/2", 3/4", 5/8"

Self Drilling Roofing Nails


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Why You Should Trust Kifaru Enterprises


Quality Construction  Products

Kifaru offers low prices from our massive stock of our  quality construction and hardware materials. we are known for fast shipping and family friendly knowledgeable staff members standing by to assist you with all your creative needs


Affordable/Reasonable  Prices

Docs / Support

At Kifaru we strive to provide our customers the best prices we can offer. You always save 20 - 80% off list prices. Our experience, size and history allow us to negotiate the best possible pricing, and we pass those savings on to you!


Fast Order Processing

We know that you wanted your order yesterday! We process orders for shipment within 24 business hours when all items are in stock. For out-of-stock items we promptly suggest other viable alternatives.


Customer Service & Knowledge

An experienced Kifaru Enterprise employee is always available to cater for your needs.  We have a customer base of 250 certified countrywide. Our good quality service coupled with our reasonable prices have seen our customer base ever growing.


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