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Kifaru enterprises Limited carries an incredible range of hardware supplies to meet the needs of our  customers as well as professional trade builders. We carefully select the products and brands we carry to ensure that we offer customers the highest quality hardware supplies perfectly suited to their needs.Our expansive range includes everything from General Hardware to Hand Tools, Power Tools, Insulation and Plumbing Supplies, Paint and Accessories as well as Landscaping Supplies and much more. This allows our customers to get all of the tools and materials they need in one convenient location with the expert assistance and knowledgeable advice of our in-store team.

Everything You Need
With all of the high quality tools and accessories for your next project in one location, Kifaru Enterprises makes it easy to find the materials you need:


Mason Hammer

Sledge Hammer

Golden Sun Welding Rods

Ms Hinges

Bottle Trap

Drawer Rails

Kifaru Branded WheelBarrow

Link Chain

J Bolt




Kitchen Sink

Hexagonal Nuts & Bolts


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Why You Should Trust Kifaru Enterprises


Quality Construction  Products

Kifaru offers low prices from our massive stock of our  quality construction and hardware materials. we are known for fast shipping and family friendly knowledgeable staff members standing by to assist you with all your creative needs


Affordable/Reasonable  Prices

Docs / Support

At Kifaru we strive to provide our customers the best prices we can offer. You always save 20 - 80% off list prices. Our experience, size and history allow us to negotiate the best possible pricing, and we pass those savings on to you!


Fast Order Processing

We know that you wanted your order yesterday! We process orders for shipment within 24 business hours when all items are in stock. For out-of-stock items we promptly suggest other viable alternatives.


Customer Service & Knowledge

An experienced Kifaru Enterprise employee is always available to cater for your needs.  We have a customer base of 250 certified countrywide. Our good quality service coupled with our reasonable prices have seen our customer base ever growing.



At Kifaru Enterprises Limited we are  committed to offering excellent and reliable building and hardware products as well the commitment to competitive prices to our customers. Kifaru's countrywide presence ensures a rapid and reliable response on-site no matter where your site is located.

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Kifaru has come full-circle offering numerous very high strength building and hardware materials, including products for structures/enclosures, interiors, mechanical/electrical, rental equipment and consumables. We continue to add product lines to bring high value to our customers by supplying high strength materials.

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